Our LED Illuminaed totems provide homogeneous illumination for your indoor and outdoor advertising. Equipped with modern LED technology, the articles are ideal for illuminated advertising indoors or outdoors. Create a better perception of your advertising messages by using our columns with LED lighting.

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LED Totems: Well-placed Advertising Around the Clock

Illuminated advertising enjoys a high level of popularity in various industries and for diverse areas of application. Since light has a special effect on the human eye, it is ideal for advertising purposes. For this reason, illuminated advertising media attract more attention than non-illuminated ones.

At trade fairs, in pedestrian zones or in shopping centres - LED totems attract attention almost automatically. They present your advertising message at the respective application area in an appealing and high-quality manner. In addition, the illuminated content attracts attention around the clock.

At night or in winter months, illuminated totems ensure that your advertising is visible around the clock. This allows you to address more customers and interested parties and also reach new target groups. The best way to determine the exact lighting time of your LED advertising totem is with an additional timer. Use the advertising effectiveness of the illuminated totems for your sales promotion.

You can use the information totem to draw attention to certain articles. Placement in the entrance area or shop window has an inviting effect and arouses interest. At trade fairs, LED lighting can help your booth stand out from the crowd. An image of your logo on the LED totem promotes brand awareness and supports recognition of your company.

Light Totems for Outdoor Use

In outdoor areas, the illuminated totems not only have to be robust and weather-resistant, but they also have to withstand wind loads. The outdoor totem displays can be lettered on both sides and display your motifs in a high-quality manner. They are often used as company signs or information displays.

The totems attract attention effectively outdoors. They ensure that your company is perceived from afar. The CI design enhances this effect and makes you a real eye-catcher. For example, place the totem as an eye-catcher at the roadside and achieve enormous success for your sales promotion.

LED Totems for Indoors

The light totems are often used not only outdoors, but also indoors. The totem displays can help to introduce new products, present brands or pass on information in a sustainable way. At the same time, the totem is a decorative light source in your shop.

The shapely totems enrich your interior and act as a real eye-catcher in the respective area of use.

The necessary power connection is included in the scope of delivery so that the LED totem display can be used indoors immediately. Discover the different indoor models for your company!

Totems with LED Lighting: Suitable for permanent Advertising or changing Content

In the outdoor area, you will usually find illuminated totems that are equipped with permanent lettering. In the outdoor area, the totems are mostly used as a company sign or information display. They serve as signposts and figureheads for a company, usually advertising permanently with the same message.

Various other LED light totems are used indoors. Here, various advertising messages are increasingly used for sales promotion. The indoor totems consist of a base frame including LED lighting, which can be equipped with different inserts.

The exchange of inserts is mostly done according to the snap frame technique. You will also find curved totems for thin panel materials or stretch frame totems in our range. These articles are all suitable for the regular exchange of advertising content. The exchange itself is quick and uncomplicated, so that changes can be made spontaneously.

Both the indoor and outdoor light totems can be used for your sales promotion in the long term. High-quality materials and appropriate workmanship ensure the durability of the various light steles. Decide on advertising with permanent or changing content. We can supply you with the right item for your project.


LED Light Totem for your Company

In our online shop we offer a wide range of different LED light totems. Choose between outdoor and indoor models and take your advertising to a new level. With the double-sided light totems, you have the possibility to address a large number of different people at the respective application area. The special effect of illuminated advertising ensures that your advertising message is perceived comprehensively.

Are you looking for a totem for indoor or outdoor use? Do you want to be able to place inserts in DIN format? Do you want a curved LED light otem? Get in touch with us! We will be happy to help you choose the right light column for your company!
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