Illuminated totem displays will present your company in the best visible way indoors or outdoors. High-quality and homogeneous illumination with LED modules keeps the totems visible at all times. Whether as an illuminated company sign or LED advertising pillar - discover the potential of our illuminated totem displays for your sales promotion.
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Illuminated Totem Displays for Maximum Visibility of your Company

Do you want to present your business successfully and effectively outdoors? Are you looking for an illuminated advertising sign? Or do you want to draw the attention of a large number of people to your services and products? 

Classic illuminated totems perform as attractive advertising displays and sign holders in- and outdoors. Depending on the display stand, you can present content on one or both sides. This is where you can promote your company and services or advertise products. The special effect of light on the human eye ensures the high visibility by people passing by.

In our range of products you will find a variety of totem displays which can be used inside or outside. With double-sided usable surface and convex shape, you ensure that potential customers will be attracted to your advertising from different directions. Simple frame profiles and high-quality LED illumination perfectly set the stage for the surfaces of the totem displays.

Illuminated Totem with Advertising Insert

LED Totem Display: Inform and Advertise Sustainably

The high visual perception of the illuminated totems can be used for various purposes. Placed outdoors, your company or its entrance will be visible from far away. This creates orientation for customers and at the same time raises the profile of your company. With the illumination your advertising is guaranteed to be visible around the clock.

On dark days, your display will not lose its visibility. The exhibited contents or the labeling of the totems always remain present. This will ensure that customers find their way to you. In addition, passers-by can be addressed and made aware of your products around the clock.

High Quality LED Illumination of the LED Totems

Exhibited content not only enjoys a higher level of awareness, it also usually gets noticed by people in a more lasting way. The potential of the illuminated totems and the lasting effect makes the use of those displays popular for indoor and outdoor areas. You can choose between different totem designs here.

Outdoor LED Totems

Our outdoor display totems usually have a base frame, which can be set in concrete or be reinforced. Printed or labeled panels are mounted here in the frame profile. These are homogeneously illuminated by modern LED modules. Modern and professional character of illuminated outdoor totem displays makes them ideal for use as a company sign.

In outdoor areas, the illuminated columns not only have to be robust and weather-resistant, but they also have to withstand wind loads. The outdoor columns can be inscribed on both sides and display your motifs in a high-quality manner. They are often used as company signs or information pillars.

Indoor LED Totems

Indoors, the LED totems create an attractive advertising solution and a pleasant source of additional light. They can be used for LED window display or exhibition at trade fairs. Covered with textile banners or having a snap frame, the advertising messages can be quickly exchanged. They serve as multifunctional advertising media that can attract interest from afar.

The necessary power connection is included in the scope of delivery, so that the LED pillar can be used indoors immediately. Discover the different indoor models for your company!

Choose LED Totem Displays for your Business Equipment

In the business equipment, the LED totems can be ideally used to effectively share information. They can be used for internal as well as external communication with customers. The high visibility and special perception of the illuminated displays ensure the efficiency of the displays.

Choose Outdoor LED totems to present yourself in the best possible way to a large number of people. Or choose illuminated totems for indoor or outdoor use to effectively bring advertising to the customer. Make your decision by ordering one of our totem displays! We will be happy to help you choose the right advertising display or sign totem for your business!
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