At every trade fair or event, a counter is an integral part of the exhibition stand. It often forms the centre of the exhibition booth and is the perfect place for consultations and effective customer service. With an illuminated trade fair counter, you can take your presentation to the next level. Discover the many advantages of an LED counter!
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Mobile LED Counters for your Trade Fair Needs

Especially for small and medium-sized exhibition stands, mobility and easy handling are crucial. The uncomplicated and quick assembly and dismantling saves time. This means that several trade fairs can be addressed with similar or the same equipment. As a company, you can present yourself at many different trade fairs.

The counters in our online shop stand for flexibility and mobility. They can be set up within a very short time and can also be stowed away again quickly and in a space-saving manner. After the trade fair or event, the counter can be stored in the included carrying bag. This ensures that the counter is easy to transport.
The trade fair counters are assembled using a push-in system, pop-up technology or slide-in system. A digitally printed banner is easy to attach, for example in a beading frame. Perfect and even illumination of the banner is achieved by well-placed LED units. The LED lighting ensures an appealing presentation that attracts the attention of visitors even from a distance.

Trade fair counters with LEDs make your trade fair presentation perfect. The light modules backlight your banner advertising in a high-quality way. The counter can be used to showcase products, advertising or your company. Compared to conventional counters, LED counters attract additional attention from passers-by, customers and business partners.
Kederrahmen der LED Messetheke
At trade fairs in particular, passers-by are confronted with a high level of advertising. As an exhibitor, it is important to stand out from the crowd and present yourself in the best possible way. Illuminated trade fair counters serve to fulfil this objective. The high-quality products and the effective placement of the counter can help to attract visitors to the stand.

In close connection with the rest of the stand, they are able to present themselves in a uniform and high-quality manner. Illuminated walls can optimally complement the attention-grabbing trade fair counters. By coordinating the banners and the stand construction, you can achieve a uniform and appealing image. In this way, you not only appeal to trade fair visitors but also invite them to linger at your stand.


Attractive Eye-Catcher at the Exhibition Stand

The mobile counters are usually in the centre of the trade fair stand. They are not only a central component of the trade fair equipment, but also the place where the action is. Discussions and consultations take place at the trade fair counter. It offers the ideal place for advising customers and interested parties.

At an optimum height, the illuminated counter can serve as a shelf, for consultations or as a presentation area for table displays. The various displays can be easily placed on the counter. Flyers and brochures are quickly available during consultations and can be handed over or given as handouts.

Remaining flyers, promotional gifts and giveaways can be easily stowed away inside the counter. Depending on the article, the counters offer open shelves or also lockable storage spaces. The lockable version allows for safe storage overnight.

In our online shop, you will find various products that differ from each other in terms of construction, storage space and design. The various counters can be placed anywhere on the stand. The only requirement is a power connection at the stand. Quickly set up and the borderless presentation of your company can begin.

In addition to classic counters, we also offer promotion counters. Equipped with LED modules, they can capture an extra measure of attention not only at trade fairs. Promotion counters are also used in department stores, in pedestrian zones or at events. These are also available with a header sign so that they can be seen from a distance.

The classic counters are available in various shapes. Round as well as square counters are available online. The focal points for consultations and information usually have a height of approx. 1000 mm. This optimum height provides a pleasant atmosphere for discussions.

Benefit from our many years of experience in trade fair construction and equipment. Matching the products, our in-house print shop supplies expressive banners for your counter. The banners are backlit with powerful LEDs and ensure a high-quality exhibition presence.

Choose one of the counters shown above now and benefit from the many advantages of illuminated trade fair counters. Besides the easy handling of the products, the attractiveness of the products is in the foreground. Draw attention to yourself from afar with an LED counter!
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