High-quality floor stickers are the ideal way to provide eye-catching and concise information. Due to the quick application and the high attention they attract, the stickers are a great means for effective floor advertising. Floor stickers are available in a wide variety of colours and shapes, which you can have printed directly from us.

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Remove the backing, stick it on and you're done

At the place of use, you then simply pull the stickers from a backing and place them effectively on the floor. And you can start advertising your products and offers or informing people about safety instructions and opening hours.

But what are the practical stickers made of? The high-quality floor stickers are usually made of foils. Depending on the area of application, the type of film varies. There are those that are especially suitable for outdoor use or for indoor use. Depending on the motif, these foils are designed using digital printing or other printing processes.

If you have never used floor stickers before, you will be impressed by their simplicity. The stickers are covered with a protective film. Before applying them to the respective floor covering, the backing film is first peeled off. After that, the advertising sticker can be applied by the staff or service team. After application, the sticker can be removed without leaving any residue.

Advantages of Floor Advertising

Floor advertising is attractive to various business owners for several reasons. Among other things, it is cost-effective. You can have stickers printed according to your personal wishes for small sums. Due to the low costs, constant changes in floor advertising are flexibly possible.

The high flexibility of the stickers makes it possible to adapt to new products and offers at short notice. This changeability of this advertising technique is also reflected in its design. The floor stickers can be printed in various shapes and colours. The corporate image of a brand or your company is easily transferred to the design of the article. The result is a uniform advertising presence that is reflected in your floor advertising.

Floor sticker with wording

The placement of a floor advertisement should be as close to the product as possible. The product can be in any position. This is because the matching sticker can be stuck directly in front of the product. There is no need to worry about suitable fixings or the right cover for your advertising.

Instead, each advertising sticker can be positioned as desired. There is no need to mount the sticker on the wall or hang it from the ceiling. Nevertheless, the effect is no less effective. The placed floor sticker becomes a real eye-catcher that specifically draws the attention of your customers.


Optimal Advertising Space

The floor is arguably one of the largest spaces that any business, market or public facility brings with it. Yet it usually remains unused. Although it is precisely on the floor that well-placed advertising can be so effective.

When you walk through the shop or through your business, the shelves or counters are naturally the first thing in the foreground. But it should not be forgotten that the floor also receives a lot of attention. That's obvious, because everyone has to look at where they are actually walking. Every customer will probably be able to tell you which floor covering you use in your shop.

So why not use these daily glances at the floor to promote sales? Floor advertising starts exactly at this point. It uses the free and unused space of the floor and transforms it into well-used advertising space. At the same time, this advertising technique attracts with easy handling and high flexibility.

Diverse Areas of Application for Floor Stickers

But the floor stickers can be used for more than just advertising purposes. The stickers are just as versatile in their design as they are in their use. Of course, the floor stickers are used a lot for advertising offers, but their conciseness can also be used in other ways.

When informing people about certain precautions in a shop, it is important to reach as many passers-by as possible with the information. Where can you catch more people than with a sticker in front of the entrance or in the entrance area? The eye-catching sticker on the pavement or floor of the shop invariably catches the eyes of passers-by. In this way, you can effectively draw attention to hygiene facilities, a minimum distance or even new opening hours so that everyone is aware of them.

Beyond the possibilities for information and advertising, floor advertising also has a pioneering effect. This means that it can also be used to guide customers through your business, influencing how long they visit and how much they consume. As you can see, the stickers have various effects that have a positive impact on your turnover and your business.

Floor Stickers for your Sales Promotion

In our online range you will find a wide variety of stickers for indoor and outdoor use. As described above, there are many possibilities in the design and placement of the stickers in the area of floor advertising. These many possibilities are reflected in the different textures of our products.

Discover many different forms of floor advertising in our online shop. As experts in sales promotion, we are always available to advise you. Due to our in-house production and print shop, we can also offer you special custom-made products. We look forward to receiving your enquiry.

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