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Branding: have your company be quickly identified

by your logo, colour palette, slogan and values


Branding, in the context of merchandising, production and retail, is used to create a strong brand image by creating a distinctive and recognisable identity for either a product or company. To create a strong and distinctive image, a strategic plan must be put in place in order to promote and design a name, logo, colour palette, and other visual elements that will differentiate the itself from its competitors. 

When it comes to creating and maintaining a brand image, not only are the visual elements important, but so are the values and messaging that your company portrays. It is important to create a valuable image in order to differentiate against competition, and to reach, engage, close, and retain customers. 

4 Branding Elements

There are four elements need to be taken into account when branding your product and/ or company. These elements include the brand's image, identity, culture and personality.


  • Brand image refers to perception and overall impression customers have of a brand
  • This impression is created by factors such as reputation, product quality, customer service, and marketing communication
  • A positive image is made when you deliver the promises you are making as a company and when making positive experiences for your customers


  • Determine your brand's mission, vision, values and unique selling point
  • What sets you apart from the competition?
  • Decide on what characteristics and attributes you want to convey to your current and potential customers
  • Identity is also the tangible aspects: logo, colour palette and other visual elements


  • Company's shared values, beliefs, attitudes and behaviours, which are reflected in its brand
  • The internal culture of the company influences interactions between employees and between the employee and the customer
  • Culture shapes the brand's overall personality and fosters customer satisfaction, employee engagement and loyalty


  • Brand personality refers to the human-like characteristics and traits that are associated with a brand
  • These traits are usually definied based on brand positioning and the target audience
  • Having a brand personality helps to build an emotional connection with customers, as they relate to the brand's personality traits
  • Certain traits can include: sincerity, sophistication, competence, etc.

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What are the Advantages of Successful Branding?

Differentiation - branding is a strategic tool to help you stand out in a saturated business market. By creating a unique identitiy and brand, a business can be easily identified, stand out and differentiate itself from the competition. 

Brand Recognition and Recall  - A strong image and brand helps a company or product be easily recognised and remembered. Once a consumer has a positive experience with that product or company, it increases the chances that they will remember and choose to work with them again. 

Customer Loyalty - By having your brand associated with positive traits such as quality, reliability, good communication and customer satisfaction, customer loyalty and trust is built. These loyal customers often will spread positive word of mouth, allowing you to reach new potential customers. 

Competitive Advantage - A strong brand image in a large market helps to build credibility, while at the same time making it hard for competition to try and imitate the product or service you are offering. This competitive advantage can result in a larger share of the market and greater customer preference. 

Establish Your Branding Today!

Here at VKF Renzel we can easily customise almost any product, helping our customers build their brand identity. Print your logo on promotional items and start getting recognised today!

We offer many different ways in which you can customise your products including digital printing, screen printing, pad printing, laser engraving, embroidering, hot foil stamping, and textile printing.

With our digital printing services you can customise products such as our EasyCubes System, Banner Displays, and Advertising Trailers. If you are in need of branding flags, shopping baskets or shopping bags, then our screen printing services are right for you!

If you are looking for a more natural wooden look, we can Engrave different products such as the Wooden Madera Sign Series. Embroider your brand on clothing or hot foil stamp your Menus and Bill Folders if you are establishing your image in the hospitality industry.

Here at VKF Renzel the possibilities are endless!
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Develop Your Brand Identity with Us here at VKF Renzel

Whether you already have a recognisable brand or not, continuing to build your image and connections with your customers is important in order to maintain relevance and competitive edge.

Developing your brand is never done. Customer needs are always evolving and new untapped markets are always popping up. Get your name out there by placing your logo on items such as Flags, Pens, Outwear and more. Check out some of our items below and more in our store to find exactly what you are looking for today!!
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