EuroShop 2020 - VKF Renzel on the Pulse of Time

VKF Renzel looks back on an exciting EuroShop 2020. The feedback we were able to draw from the discussions with our visitors shows that we have taken the pulse of time with our selection of topics.

High Demand for Sustainable Promotional Products

Visitors of our exhibition stand took the opportunity to inform themselves about our Sustainably Produced Articles. The focus was on recycled products as well as articles from our RENA (Renzel Nature) line with products made from renewable materials.

Closely related to the topic of sustainability were the Natural Presentation of Fruit and Vegetables and the associated price labeling. Here, a compact as well as versatile overview of the individual possibilities, from the Chalkboard to the Poster Rail "Hook" to the Electronic Price Labels incl. Fixings, was offered.

Innovations in the Area of Shelf Optimization

The topic of optimal product presentation was also the focus in other areas. For example, we were able to present our "Twin-Pusher" and "Kwickload" merchandise feeding systems. The Twin-Pusher is ideal for round products. The fixed connection between the pusher and the compartment divider prevents the product from being pushed sideways and ensures uniform product feed.

The Kwickload line is mainly used in the refrigeration and freezer sectors. It facilitates the filling and removal of goods.

Our Flexi Power Line, with which we not only bring light to the shelf, also met with great interest. By attaching a magnetic rail, LED lighting, Stretch Monitors, electronic price tags or even the latest generation of illuminated wobblers can be supplied with power. The system can be individually adapted and modularly expanded.


Flexible Solutions for Wall Design and Product Presentation

Another novelty that has attracted great interest is the Flexi Deco System. These are wall panels in various finishes and colors. The simple suspension system makes installation, replacement and extensions very easy. The system can also be combined with our current FlexiSlot Slatwall System. It benefits in this way from a wide range of placement options for merchandise.
The EaysCubes System, consisting of only 3 basic elements, offers completely different possibilities for the presentation of goods. The system can be varied in height and width and offers countless possibilities for shop windows or interiors with little time and without the use of tools. With our extended accessories, e.g. dump bins or covers in different sizes or foils for individual decoration, the customer has even more application possibilities at his disposal.

Finally, we can say that many new contacts were made and interesting discussions were held at EuroShop. 

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