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Advertise effectively and attract Attention

Advertising is usually only as effective as the medium that displays it. The advertising content of analogue advertising can be billboards, posters or even information signs. For these contents, it is important to find the appropriate display. This is because the placement of the advertising also plays a major role in its presence.

Customers must be addressed with interesting advertising content. In addition, the decisive placement of the posters is essential. Indoors, it is important to draw the attention of customers to certain products or offers. Often, the information or advertising content is placed on tables and counters.

Outdoors, passers-by must first be impressed by the advertising stands to visit your restaurant, establishment or shop. By placing displays in front of your entrance or in pedestrian zones, it is possible to catch the eyes of potential customers.

The advertising display in the desired format are not only used for advertising purposes, but also for the presentation of information and notices. Different insertion heights, materials and orientations give you many options for presentation. With these advertising stands, you can skilfully present your promotion messages in shops, restaurants and at the Point of Sale.
Transparent slanted sign holder as a classic advertising stand
Poster stand as advertising stand
advertising stand for estate agents

Shapely Table Stand or sturdy Advertising Display?

Just as there are various notice boards, there are also various display stands and advertising signs available. The various PoS displays can be roughly divided into two categories. On the one hand, there are Table-top Stands for use on tables and counters, and on the other hand, Floor Stands in various designs.

Table-top displays can be placed on any furnishings in your shop or business. The choice of different materials ensures that the advertising stand is perfectly adapted to your furnishings. Various inserts can be displayed well protected inside. This allows you to advertise offers, services or events at eye level.

The stands are also suitable for effectively passing on information. The promotion stands ensure a high-quality presentation of the contents. Transparent displays allow the best view of the presentation while protecting the print media from external influences.

After the period of use, the inserts can be easily removed and replaced. In most cases, the exchange of contents is done by insertion. This means that they are inserted from the side or from above. Click frames are an exception. Here, the contents are exchanged by opening and closing the frame parts.

Click frames also known as snap frames are also found as Forecourt Signs among the advertising stands. The floor stands are also available in various sizes and formats. The various articles are used as signposts, information boards or also for price labelling. In most cases, posters are covered with protective film.

The number of waterproof advertising stands is increasing. For this reason, these stands can also be used outdoors without hesitation. There you can draw the attention of passers-by to your company with attractive posters and notices.

An Advertising Stand with the right Features

In order to address the passer-by or customer with your advertising, the advertising stand should adapt to the place of use in various characteristics. After deciding whether to inform indoors or outdoors, there are some other features to check.

What is better than one advertising stand? Several advertising stands. For this reason, we offer various items that can be used on multiple sides. Not only two-sided, but also three-sided models are available. The notice can thus be presented in different directions to appeal to even more interested parties.

There are also options for selecting the orientation. The advertising stands can be ordered in landscape or portrait format. Some of the items can even be used in both orientations to make the advertising stand ideal for the insert or notice.

Different materials make the large selection of advertising stands and displays perfect. Along a range of lightweight and practical models made of plastic, natural specimens are also available. You want the features of a plastic but a natural design?

Discover the practical slat-effect boards made of plastic. They are light and robust. At the same time, the boards can be written on with Illumigraphs, so they can be used like a chalkboard. The boards are available as classic slanted displays or as menu boards. Paired with an easel or a wooden holder, the natural design is perfected.

In addition to colour and price, the format is an important criterion when deciding on an item. Displays in A0, A1, A2, A3 and A4 are part of the standard range. Different orientations are also available in these formats. Simply click on the format filter and search the range for products in the desired format.

Make the decision whether table-top stand or floor stand. Be inspired by a wide range of products. We are happy to offer exclusive custom-made products on request.
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