Do you want to draw attention to yourself and your company? Illuminated letters help to advertise your company or your offer outdoors. At the same time, any product, area or service can also be advertised indoors.

You have the choice between different models, different letters in upper and lower case as well as various characters. Available in different colours and sizes, the illuminated advertising with LED letters can be optimally adapted to your business and your requirements. Discover the variety of possibilities of the letters as eye-catchers.
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Striking by Day and Night

Illuminated advertising has clear advantages over conventional advertising. First of all, illuminated letters not only attract attention during the day, but are also a real eye-catcher, especially in the dark. This not only catches the eyes of passers-by during the day. Instead, illuminated advertising impresses around the clock.

This feature is particularly suitable for outdoor use. Especially along busy streets or in pedestrian zones, there are countless passers-by who are also in the streets at weekends and in the evenings. With illuminated letters, you can catch the eyes and attention of these potential customers.

The shapely illuminated objects can also be used indoors. This way, products and areas can be declared in dark business premises. Placed near the shop window, the indoor illuminated letters are also visible to passers-by outside.

Versatile adaptable

3D illuminated letters are not only flexible in terms of where they can be used. In addition to the choice between indoor and outdoor use, you can choose between various materials, characters, dimensions and colours. The respective colour of the illuminated letters is available in any RAL colour.

Just as the appearance can be selected according to the customer's wishes, you also have a free choice of motifs and dimensions. You can choose from a variety of letters and characters so that you can implement your advertising message in the best possible way.
LED illuminated letter for indoor use
In addition, the material and its high-quality illumination play a decisive role in the selection of LED letters. The LED lighting is energy-saving, while the letters are illuminated evenly and radiantly. Although the letters are all illuminated by LED modules, they shine in different looks.

Among other things, the material is responsible for the different appearance of the products. Letters made of plastic are suitable for indoor use. They are available as a light snap-on system. Perfectly finished, the plastic letters become eye-catchers. For outdoor use, models made of aluminium are primarily used. In addition to conventional lighting, background illumination is also possible for outdoor use. The lettering looks like a shadow font.

Attract targeted Attention

Illuminated letters are not only suitable as company signs. No, the attention that the articles attract can be used specifically for various advertising purposes. Discover the many possibilities of LED illuminated letters in shop fittings, illuminated advertising and outdoor advertising.

Use the products shown above to draw attention to advertising messages, products, promotions or your company. With a variety of options in customising the illuminated letters, they are suitable for different areas. Design the right illuminated advertising for your needs now!

Alternatively, you will find many other objects in the illuminated advertising area to advertise around the clock. Especially for an interesting shop window in pedestrian zones and shopping centres, the various printable illuminated walls are ideal. We are happy to answer your questions and provide detailed advice.
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