Flexible and Effective: Mobile Exhibition Stands as the Perfect Solution for Events

In a rapidly evolving marketing world, it is important to stay a few steps ahead. Companies are constantly looking for innovative ways to present their brand and products at trade fairs and events. Mobile exhibition stands are becoming more and more important due to their flexibility and mobility and are becoming an interesting option for companies of all sizes.

But what makes small and mobile exhibition stands so popular and effective? Why should companies consider them? This blog post addresses these relevant questions. Many advantages are addressed that are of great importance for you as a company as well as your employees.

What Kind of Small and Mobile Exhibition Stands are There?

Compact and lightweight exhibition stands are ideal for easy transport and quick set-up. They are particularly suitable for smaller events such as regional trade fairs, pop-up events or promotions and offer a cost-effective way to present products or services.

These types of stands consist of modular or collapsible elements such as roller banners, banner displays, folding displays, counters, tables and chairs. They can be customised and printed with graphics, logos and text.

All the stands listed can be folded into a compact package. In addition, depending on the model, they can be used both indoors and outdoors and can be printed with graphics or logos.

Small and mobile exhibition stands are characterised by their easy transport, quick assembly and dismantling and flexible use in indoor and outdoor areas. With a promotion stand or trade fair set, you are well-equipped for short-term use.

The banner as well as the counter can be folded and easily transported from place to place in a carrier bag. In most cases, they can be set up easily without tools and in few steps.

The trade fair set usually includes a counter as the central communication point and an exhibtion wall or banner display to convey your advertising message. Strikingly printed banner displays or LED backlit counters attract attention and remain in the memory for a long time. After all, the first impression is often the deciding factor in whether you can attract a visitor to your stand and establish a conversation.

In addition to promotional stands and trade fair sets, there are a variety of other small and mobile exhibtion stands that are ideal for quick and easy use, depending on the requirements and budget of the exhibitor. Inflatable exhibition stands such as columns, trade fair walls or seating options that are inflated with air, catch the eye directly due to their nature and can usually be used indoors as well as outdoors. With an air lounge, a cosy atmosphere can be created that is perfect for conversations with customers and visitors.

Professional and exclusive presentation of your company

Flexible assembly, dismantling and expansion options

Incl. digital print with own motif and colour selection

Easy assembly thanks to modular system

High load capacity despite lightweight components

Easy to transport

Can be used for several purposes

Various sizes and designs

The right preparation: How do I find the right exhibition stand for my event?

Mobile exhibition stands are an ideal way to be present at trade fairs and events and to address potential customers. As there are different types of trade fairs, such as consumer, trade and career fairs, VKF Renzel offers various options to design your trade fair accordingly. The small and mobile exhibition stands can be used both indoors and outdoors and are often used in shopping centres, at city festivals or in the retail sector.

To get the most out of a small and mobile exhibition stand, there are important factors to consider. It is advisable to plan in advance who you want to reach with the event as well as who your target audience is. This will allow you to design and promote the event accordingly. Early planning allows you to consider all the details and solve problems in time. When choosing a location, make sure that it is suitable for your target group. In addition, there should be enough space and the necessary technology available.

Are you planning to use it outdoors?

Space problems are not an issue outdoors, so you can spread out comfortably. And with more space, why not use a beach flag, banner or rainproof pavement sign to be seen from afar? These mobile advertising media are quick to set up and take down and can be stowed away to save space. Use not only the height but also the width of your presentation area. With a portable heater and extra lounge areas, with inflatable furniture as well as cushions and blankets, you can create a cosy atmosphere in no time.

Are you planning an assignment in a shopping mall or shopping centre?

Small exhibition stands are ideal for shopping centres, particularly to promote products, interact with customers or directly close sales. To increase the visibility of the stand, small table-top roof flags and various promotional items can be used to make a memorable impression. Wearing T-shirts with the company logo or using logo printed cups/glasses can also help to draw attention to the stand. Another advantage is that the stands are quick and easy to set up and dismantle and can be transported in a car.

Are you planning to work in retail?

There are different ways to use promotional stands in retail. They can be used to introduce new products or product lines or as seasonal stands to attract customers with samples. They can also be used to build customer loyalty or to be present at trade fairs and events. To make the stand more visible, bistro tables, bar stools and roller banners are particularly suitable. Another option is a combination stand consisting of a counter, banner and flag. Additional advertising material can be used to stay in the customer's mind.

Are you planning an assignment in the education sector?

Even in limited space and in close proximity to other exhibition stands, it is of great importance to stand out from the crowd. Every exhibitor wants to attract the attention of visitors and persuade them to visit their stand. In this context, light plays a crucial role as it creates an enhanced perception in combination with eye-catching prints.

LED illuminated walls - Make your exhibition stand shine

To attract even more attention, it can make sense in some cases to choose an exhibition stand with LED lighting. The advantages are obvious: these stands are equipped with energy-efficient LED technology and the textile banners can be easily replaced. Custom-printed banners are also perfectly backlit for even greater impact. This allows you to generate more attention for your products, brands and services and target customers more effectively.


Promotion Stand Set 3

✓ Can be used indoors and outdoors
✓ Easy to transport
✓ Incl. print
✓ Tool-free assembly
✓ Incl. transport bag
✓ Flame retardant
(B1 certified)


To the Promotion Stand Set 3»



Exhibition Set "Fabric" 

✓ Can be used indoors
✓ Mobile use
✓ Incl. print
✓ Flexible assembly and dismantling
✓ Incl. transport bag
✓ Flame retardant
(B1 certified)

To the Exhibition Set "Fabric" »



LED Light Wall "BIG LEDUP"

✓ Can be used indoors
✓ Car transport possible
✓ Incl. print
✓ Easy and tool-free assembly
✓ Incl. high-quality ABS transport case
✓ With castors and soft foam insert
✓ Flame retardant
(B1 certified)

To the LED light wall "Big LEDUP" »


What is needed for a successful exhibition presentation?

To make your event a success, careful planning in advance is essential. Define your target group and design the event accordingly. The budget should also be well thought out and targeted. Use different marketing channels to reach potential participants such as social media, flyers, posters or newsletters.

Another important factor is the added value for the participants. Think about interesting content, lectures or workshops that are tailored to your target group. Make sure that everything runs smoothly and that all participants are informed about the process. Finally, collect feedback from the participants and use it for future events. This is the only way to ensure that your next event will be even more successful.

You can buy the following accessories in our shop:

Checklist for a Successful Event

Define clear goals by talking to the target group and creating an emotional connection between the participants of the event and the company/brand. You can generate data on your target group via surveys.

Ensure a simple and recognisable design, with your company's CI colours and products, to be quickly and easily remembered by customers and prospects.

Increase your recognition value to influence the buying behaviour of your consumers towards a purchase decision for the advertised products.

Modern technology such as tablets, touch screens or QR codes can be used to create a redirect to the social media channel.

Create an inviting atmosphere with bright lighting, pleasant music and comfortable seating.

With the help of necessary materials, such as brochures or business cards, the advantages of the products or services are to be communicated by the well-trained team.

Frequently asked questions at a glance

There are various models of small and mobile exhibition stands. These include promotion stands, LED exhibition stands and exhibition sets that are available in different sizes.

This depends on the individual exhibitor and the goals that are being pursued.

With the plug-in systems, systems with groove and piping or magnetic fastenings, a mobile exhibition stand is assembled or built with no tools required. 

Your exhibition stand should appeal to your target group, offer sufficient seating and contain suitable components to visually distinguish it from others.

A mobile exhibition stand has the following advantages: mobile use, easy to transport, individual printing and fast dismantling and assembly.

The price for a 2-part mobile promotion stand starts at 240 €. For larger stands, the costs increase accordingly. For trade fair stands, prices start at € 830 and vary depending on size and equipment.

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