Advantages of a Patio Heater at a Glance

  • Certified by TÜV
  • Enlivens your indoor and outdoor area in the cold season
  • Available in different sizes
  • Can be attached to the ceiling or wall
  • Guarantees a cosy warmth 
  • Electric patio heater can be operated by remote control

Gas or electric patio heaters warm your customers, guests and employees outdoors. They can be used flexibly at the location as floor or ceiling mounted patio heaters. Especially in cool temperatures, they provide pleasant warmth and increase the length of stay. Provide a pleasant temperature with gas or infrared patio heaters now!
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Warming Indoors and Outdoors with Patio Heaters

As temperatures drop, visits to the outdoors also decrease. People no longer like to sit outside on the terrace. Standing in line for a long time or staying outside becomes uncomfortable. For this reason, stays are reduced, capacities outside can no longer be used as much.

There is simply a lack of warmth and well-being to make it attractive for customers to spend time outside. This is where heaters come into play. They provide cosy warmth outdoors or indoors and are also easy and versatile to install. An ideal tool for bringing more life back into your outdoor business.

With a stand patio heater or compact overhead heater, various areas can be heated quickly and effectively. This makes it possible to extend the summer season. Free capacities in the outdoor area can thus continue to be used for the success of your business. Defy the cool temperatures with pleasant warmth in the outdoor area.

You can choose between electric and gas patio heaters to guarantee your customers cosy warmth. Attach the heaters for wall or ceiling mounting or opt for a floor-standing heater. Choose the right model for your outdoor area now.

Discover Electric Patio Heater with Remote Control

With electric patio heaters, you can warm your outdoor area at cool temperatures. The short-wave infrared heaters generate a pleasant warmth. This can be felt directly and used specifically at the place of use. Due to various advantages, the articles can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Completely noiseless or odourless, the devices serve reliably in your company. Within a short time, you benefit from intensive heat. The compact size also allows them to be mounted on the ceiling, wall or table. For this reason, they are also extremely popular in the private sector for heating terraces.

In addition, they can be used quickly in just a few steps. This enables a short-term reaction to the weather and the number of visitors without "pre-heating". Due to a high number of operating hours, the units require little maintenance. In addition, a remote control enables control from a distance.

Based on a heat-resistant housing and an infrared heating tube, these patio heaters are available in various sizes. The heating tube usually has a reddish or orange colour and is shielded by a grid. In dark radiators, the light of the heating tubes is absorbed by panels.

Patio Heaters for:

Gastronomy & Tourism

Queues & Workplaces outside

Fairs & Events


Infrared Heater vs. Gas Heater

The right equipment for your outdoor area

While an infrared heater can be used flexibly, the use of gas patio heaters is limited to outdoor areas. Here, the gas heaters provide heating for large areas and can also be positioned flexibly. Placing the gas bottle in the patio heater makes mobility even more possible.

Due to the required power connection, electric heaters cannot usually be set up so freely. If a power socket is available, an electric heater can be used anywhere. For large areas, you should use several devices to ensure a sufficient heat supply.

Overall, however, gas patio heaters are unfortunately not that environmentally friendly and their use is even banned in some cities. You can calculate the most profitable type based on the area to be heated and the expected consumption. Take electricity and gas prices and the performance of the devices into account.

Opt for a more environmentally friendly infrared heater or a powerful gas heater. Both types of patio heater provide reliable, safe and effective heat. Compare the different models in our range now and discover the suitable device!

Use as Ceiling Heater or Floor Stand

In our online shop you will find heaters for various locations and types of mounting. Depending on the model, the devices can be used on the ceiling, wall or as a stand. For the stand-up units, castors or the foldable frame enable mobile use. The supplied mounting material facilitates attachment to walls and ceilings.

Our models that are operated with gas are available as mushroom heaters. The necessary gas bottle for use is stowed in the base and always accessible. For this reason, the gas patio heaters are mobile and can be set up as required.

As a stand-alone unit, they are quickly placed and can be adjusted again and again. This makes it possible to adjust them precisely to the location, the occupancy and the requirements.

Electric patio heaters require a power connection in order to be used. Due to their compact size, these radiant heaters are easy to mount on the ceiling or wall. A combination with an extra stand is also possible. The TÜV-tested patio heaters guarantee safety, which also extends to the reliability of the supplied fastening.

Patio Heater with Stand


Patio Heater for Mounting on the Ceiling

Patio Heaters in the Gastronomy, at Events and Co.

The use of heaters is not very limited and is popular in various industries. Gas and electric units are used outdoors. Indoors, only electric models can be used. Due to the lack of fresh air, sufficient ventilation must be provided indoors.

As a rule, however, patio heaters are mainly used outdoors. They are placed between bar tables or at the entrance of bars and restaurants. They are present at public events and commercial festivals . They are also well known for their use at Christmas markets and other outdoor events.

With the various articles, outdoor operation is made possible. Especially when temperatures are cool, people often shy away from spending long periods of time outdoors. But now there is this restaurant with a cosy and heated outdoor area. It is clear that it stands out from other competitors and is preferred.

This and many other examples emphasise the central importance of patio heaters for business success. They enable you to stand out from the competition and establish a regular clientele, even in winter. Take the strain off your indoor area by using high-quality and decorative heaters.

The right Gas or Electric Heater for your Business

Whether gas heaters or electric patio heaters, the added value for your company is indisputable. You can use outdoor areas longer, attract visitors and prolong the stay of guests and customers. This not only has a positive effect on your turnover, but also on your image and customer loyalty.

Set up the unit or fasten it securely at the place of use. Now connect it to electricity or gas and you are ready to provide pleasant warmth. Benefit from the pleasant atmosphere, which has a positive effect on customers and employees. Discover patio heaters for the gastronomy, for tents, events and more.

Choose an electric or gas patio heater now and set it up stylishly in the area of use. Our beautifully designed products fit decoratively into the design and decoration outside. The result is a harmonious, appealing and comfortably warm outdoor area. Choose the right model for your intended use now.

We will be happy to assist you with your selection. With our many years of experience, we will be happy to provide you with professional advice. Contact us now and find out even more about our patio heaters.
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