During the colder seasons, patio heaters provide an inviting and warming atmosphere in outdoor areas such as beer gardens and patios. With patio heaters you can expand your outdoor area in winter and still receive and serve guests in a cosy environment.

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Popular heat source for cold months

Especially in the current time it is difficult to serve all customers and to meet the customer requests for a free table. In the summer season, guests are served in beer gardens and patios of the restaurants. But with sinking temperatures and the coming cold months, guests are longing for a warm place inside. This is made more difficult by a limited number of seats.

With patio heaters your beer gardens and patios can be transformed in no time at all into a cosy and warming area that invites you to stay. Thanks to the heating options, you can keep your seats in the beer garden even in the winter months. In this way the seating can be distributed and the minimum distance and safety measures can be maintained. This allows a relatively normal and unrestricted operation in your restaurant even in winter.

Advantages at a glance
  • quick and easy to use
  • mobile
  • even distribution
  • TÜV tested

The simple operation allows you adjust the heating power to react quickly to customer wishes.

The right patio heater for your application


Patio heater with gas

Our gas-powered patio heaters provide pleasant warmth in your beer garden as well as on your patio during the cold seasons. With the patio heaters the warmth does not simply evaporate outdoors, but offers an even and targeted heat distribution for your area to be heated.

Due to the integrated gas bottle in the stand, the patio heaters have an attractive appearance and the empty gas bottles can be easily replaced.

Our patio heaters "ECO" and "Sunny" are perfectly suited for your outdoor area. Whether in the beer garden or on your patio, the heaters ensure an even heat distribution and invite your customers to stay.  Our TÜV-certified products can be easily moved thanks to the stable set of castors and thus offer easy transport. In no time at all you can react to the size of your customer groups and create a pleasantly warm ambience.  


Infrared heaters

Infrared heaters offer quick and easy operation and a fast result. In the twinkling of an eye, they not only transform your outdoor area into a comfortably warm environment that invites you to linger.

With the infrared heater Fraro you dive into the warmth of the sun and the short wave infrared rays create high temperatures and warm only the body they hit.  Its dark red tube creates a pleasant and cosy light which creates a pleasant atmosphere.

The heater is standardly designed for wall mounting. However, it can also be set up with a steel tripod stand. A remote control is included to make operation as easy as possible.


Bistro table with infrared heater

In order to enjoy the warmth not only from above, our bistro table with infrared heater guarantees a heat supply from below. Not only interesting for the smokers, but also for the other guests who want to keep a cool head during the cold seasons.

The heater can be adjusted in 2 power modes and has a cool-touch surface so that the cover does not get hot. During the colder seasons, heaters provide an inviting and warming atmosphere in outdoor areas such as beer gardens and patios. In winter, patio heaters allow you to expand your cultivated area and still receive and serve guests in a cosy environment.


Heater for promotion tent

In outdoor catering, tents extend the catering possibilities in addition to enclosed spaces. Heaters specially adapted to these tents can be mounted directly on the central post of the roof construction. In this way, they enable the greatest possible use of space without tripping hazards. When mounted on the ceiling, the TÜV-certified heaters heat 8-10 m², and when mounted on the wall, they even heat 10-12 m².

The warming sources are not only an advantage for restaurants, but also for promotional events in pedestrian zones, new openings or simply for waiting customers who have to queue outside and bridge waiting times. The cold winter months make these things uncomfortable and customers try to avoid them. In order to generate customers nevertheless and to make the circumstances and waiting times for existing customers as comfortable as possible, equip your promotion tent with a suitable heater.

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