The classic blue cleaning cloth roll is used in various companies for different types of cleaning. The highly absorbent and lint-free cleaning paper with its wide webs ensures efficient cleaning. It is hard to imagine industry, trade and the service sector without these paper rolls.
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Efficient and practical wipes

Due to different pore sizes and thicknesses, the cleaning cloths can be optimally adapted to the area of application. Matching accessories such as a wall bracket or floor stand ensure easy and convenient handling. This allows a quick reaction to different situations and dirt. Ensure proper and hygienic cleaning in your company now.

The highly absorbent cleaning cloth rolls can be used alone or with cleaning agents. Because the cloths are lint-free and solvent-resistant, they are ideal for cleaning various surfaces. Combined with disinfectant, glass cleaner or universal agents, you can optimise your cleaning. In this way, entire surfaces can be disinfected, polished and thoroughly cleaned.

Even without other cleaning agents, the cleaning rolls provide the best conditions for optimal cleaning. The highly absorbent cloths remove oil, grease and other dirt from surfaces. The multi-layer cloths absorb the foreign influences perfectly and for a long time. By selecting a fine-pored or medium-pored version, the cleaning cloth can be adapted to your area of application.

Another option is the strength of the cloths. The cloths in two- or three-layer versions also favour the ability to absorb large quantities of liquid. At the same time, the 38 cm width ensures efficient cleaning over large webs.

The wipes are for single use only. After cleaning, the wiping rolls can be easily and permanently disposed of. The cleaning paper as well as the cardboard roll can be disposed of sustainably. When disposing of them, please pay attention to what the paper came into contact with. By themselves, the cloths are free of binding agents, chemicals and adhesives.

In our online shop you can find classic blue or turquoise blue cleaning rolls. The two products do not differ in their function. Besides the colour differences, the scope of delivery is also different. On the one hand, a volume unit with a roll of 500 tears can be ordered. On the other hand, a unit with two rolls, i.e. a total of 1000 tear-offs, can be ordered.

Of course, there are no limits to the quantity of the practical cleaning cloths you can order. Opt for an organic and efficient way of operational cleaning with cleaning cloths. Do you want to make handling easier for your staff and employees? With the help of suitable accessories, more comfort is offered and the company equipment is optimised.

Easy handling due to matching accessories

Cleaning paper is used in a wide variety of industries. In the catering and hotel industry, the practical cleaning cloths are quickly at hand. The cloths are also suitable for cleaning various surfaces in other sectors, such as the retail trade or craft trades. In all areas of application, the cleaning cloth rolls serve a common purpose.

The blue paper rolls are quickly at hand and effectively remove dirt, food residues or liquids. In addition, they can be used in combination with disinfectant for disinfecting surfaces and hand disinfection. Paper towel rolls can be used for various cleaning purposes.

In general, however, the cleaning cloths are particularly popular because they provide quick and efficient assistance in various situations. If something is spilt or dropped, any residue should be removed soon. The rolls themselves can easily be placed on any shelf or work table.
Practical accessories are suitable for keeping the cleaning rollers mobile in various places. Wall brackets and floor stands ensure that the cleaning cloths are at hand even faster. Floor stands with or without castors enable mobile workplaces to be equipped. At the respective place of use, the stand remains stable until it is repositioned using the folding function or castors.

Compared to the mobile floor stands, the wall holder represents a long-term fastening at one location. The holder is screwed to the wall and cleaning cloths can be quickly hung up. Without taking up space from the table, counter or the floor, the quick removal of cloths is ensured.
Wandhalter für Putztuchrollen
Also for the floor stands an uncomplicated exchange of cleaning cloth rolls is guaranteed. Furthermore, the stands partly offer the possibility to attach a rubbish bag. Including a bin liner, the floor stand becomes a perfect enrichment of the workplace. Cleaning and disposal are embodied in a mobile stand.

Use the many possibilities in the business equipment and create a well-equipped workplace for your employees. With the help of the cleaning cloths and the corresponding dispensers you create the conditions for optimal cleaning. Establish hygiene and cleanliness in your everyday business in the long term.

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