With unique promotional items and giveaways, you will be remembered by your customers for a long time and, above all, in a positive way. Whether for a marketing campaign, the next trade fair or for promotional purposes. High-quality promotional items have many areas of application and increase the awareness level of your company considerably. In the online shop you will find various giveaways that you can have printed online.
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Advertising Companies are remembered positively and for a long time

As an entrepreneur, it is important to build a relationship with customers, partners and suppliers. Customer loyalty plays an essential role in sales promotion. Promotional items, among other things, are ideal for building up or expanding the bond with customers and business partners. Promotional gifts printed with your logo therefore have a positive effect on your sales promotion.

The promotional items can be handed out on the sales floor, at events or marketing campaigns. The articles are particularly popular for special events. There is hardly a business festival, opening or trade fair without them. In the mass of present companies, you stand out with a unique promotional gift.

The promotional item keeps you in the customer's or potential customer's mind even after the event. Articles that are common in everyday life ensure that your company is remembered for a particularly long time. The result is better customer loyalty or the connection of new customers and partners.

In addition, the distribution of promotional items is also common for online orders. In the classic retail trade, promotional gifts are available at the point of purchase. At reception counters of medical practices as well as public and cultural institutions, promotional items are also popular.

In order to achieve the desired effect, certain aspects should be taken into account in the selection process. Do you want to address a specific customer group or the broad masses? Do you simply want the promotional item printed with your logo or a special slogan? What type of promotional item should be used as a giveaway?

In addition to printed ballpoint pens or USB sticks, there are many other items that can be conveniently printed online. With high-quality promotional gifts, you will remain present to customers and business partners in the long term. Our attractive product range offers you many possibilities. With many years of experience, we are happy to advise you on the selection of the perfect promotional item.

Advertising Material with Added Value

The assortment of promotional items surprises with its different facets. There is a wide variety of articles that are used in different situations in everyday life. Of course, sweet advertising is also represented.

Edible promotional products are very popular. Gourmets can be surprised with various treats. The packaging of sweets, chocolate or nibbles can be printed. With vegan items, peppermints or chewing gums, you appeal to the broad mass of customers.

Promotional items that are easy to use in everyday life will remind people of your company for a long time. Aids for shopping, travelling or even personal hygiene are used for a long time. In the field of body care, equip your customers for their next trip with dermatologically tested disinfectant, shower gel or suntan lotion.

With regard to sustainability, we offer various ecological promotional products. In the spirit of green marketing, recycled, naturally produced and consciously packaged promotional products are among the sustainable products. Alongside seed letters and vegetable bags, you will find household goods, pens and tins in this category. The ecological promotional gift is also easily printable.

Of course, promotional items with added value are particularly well received by customers. This can be material for the office (e.g. notepads & calculators), for the household or also the most diverse giveaways. Giveaway items are small products such as lighters, ballpoint pens or even key rings.

Giveaways are often needed in high quantities. We offer attractive price scales and packaging. Textiles are also very popular promotional items. Provided with a textile print, they are excellent for promoting your company. Various techniques are available for finishing the textiles.

Individually printed Promotional Items

Are you looking for a unique promotional item or giveaway? An item with personalisation ensures the optimum effect. By individualising the promotional item, you ensure the long-term presence of your company among partners, customers or colleagues.

In addition to the large selection of products, you have various options for configuring the promotional item. Almost all of our promotional items can be printed individually. We also leave the choice of colour up to you. Our in-house print shop implements a wide variety of printing techniques.

Furthermore, we offer additional options for the design of textiles. Besides printing, embroidery is a high-quality alternative for textiles. Coats of arms, names, logos and many other motifs can be realised. 3D embroidery can also be realised in our company.

Finally, there is the possibility to design textiles by laser engraving. A laser is used to "burn" the motif into the surface of the material. This finishing technique is suitable for thicker fabrics. Do you have a question or need competent advice?

Do not hesitate to contact us. Promotional items and gifts must be planned precisely for their use. Choose your promotional item online now.
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