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Click & Collect is being offered by more and more companies, especially in the lockdown. Customers order goods by phone, email or online. The Click & Collect order is then collected from the shop. We offer you the right Click & Collect equipment to ensure a smooth and hygienic process.

With Click & Meet, new perspectives are now being given to retail. In contrast to Click & Collect, the customer is now to be offered a real shopping experience again. Anyone who wants to shop on site must book an appointment with the retailer in advance. Within the booked time slot, the doors of the shop are open to the customer. Prepare for this with our product recommendations. 

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Equipment for Indoor Use

The new sales strategy around Click & Meet is bringing customers back indoors. Especially indoors, it is important to protect staff and customers.

In addition to disinfection columns, partition walls and information signs, air purifiers are important components of your equipment. The cleaning of the room air is an important measure to complete the hygiene concept in case of changing customers. Our air purifiers reliably remove aerosols, bacteria and viruses from the room air.

Structure the interior area with partition walls. Guide customers through your shop with barrier stands or floor stickers. Provide customers with all the information they need or draw their attention to new offers and services. By using these articles, you create an all-round safe atmosphere for both parties to the contract.
air purifier PLR Silent
mobile test centre

Outdoor Equipment

Whether Click & Collect or Click & Meet. A safe environment must already be offered to the customer in the outdoor area of your shop. For one thing, highly visible and striking signage is essential here. Ensure clarity about the exact location and the further procedure of the collection or Click & Meet purchase. Also offer your customers the opportunity to take a quick test in a mobile test cabin before entering the shop. This is a simple way to maximise the protection of your customers and staff.

Depending on the day of the week or the time of day, longer queues may form in front of your shop. By guiding the queues with barrier stands, you can ensure an orderly and structured process. The use of floor stickers can help to point out the minimum distances. A promotion tent keeps your customers dry while waiting.

Tables are set up as a short-term solution for handing over ordered products as part of the Click & Collect offer. Equip them with printed covers from us to carry your company's corporate design to the outside world.

Sell successfully even during the Lockdown

With the help of the Click and Collect service, you can offer your customers a comprehensive range of products even during the lockdown. The customer can conveniently order the desired product online and settle it with the desired payment method. They can then pick up the order in the shop.

In this way, a delivery time is avoided. By collecting the goods in person through Click & Collect in the shop, the customer receives the goods immediately instead of having to wait for them. The prerequisite for this is the short-term and permanent availability of goods. The smooth internal processing of orders is also crucial.

But offering such a service, you are not just catering to the needs of customers. Especially in the Corona crisis, Click & Collect opens up the possibility to sell products even during the lockdown and thus keep your retail business going. Customers place their orders in advance via the online shop, by e-mail or by phone. Businesses that are closed during the lockdown can continue to offer their products in this way.

Click & Meet - A small step towards Normality

The new Click and Meet concept has been the talk of the town lately and, as an alternative to Click and Collect, is supposed to offer the first step towards a complete opening of the shops. But how does the system work?

The concept is very simple: if a customer wants to enter the shop and test or buy goods on the spot or take advantage of personal advice, he or she must make an appointment in advance. This is usually done by telephone or online. A fixed time slot is set for the purchase and the contact details are stored. During this time slot, the customer may enter the shop alone or with their own household. Medical masks must be worn while shopping.

Hygiene regulations must be strictly observed when preparing for Click & Meet. In addition to account tracking, products are also essential for the hygiene protection of your staff and customers. With disinfectant dispensers, you offer customers the opportunity to disinfect their hands at the entrance and exit. It is also important to disinfect hands again during shopping. Signs inform customers about special offers or hygiene instructions before and during shopping. Air purifiers remove aerosols, bacteria and viruses from the air. This ensures the safe care of changing customers.

We offer a comprehensive range of products to equip your shop accordingly. Protect the health of your customers and employees. At the same time, reduce the risk of infection and promote a prompt and complete opening of shops in all sectors.


With these products, you structure any queues that may arise and ensure that minimum distances are maintained.


If no minimum distance can be maintained, these items serve with additional shielding.


Draw attention to the applicable contact rules or to the measures you have taken. Promote your products and your Click & Collect service in a sustainable way.

Equipment for different Industries

Click & Collect and Click & Meet can be introduced and promoted within a very short time. This service is offered by companies from various industries and is enthusiastically accepted by their customers. The equipment from the areas of protecting, guiding and informing supports you in the successful implementation of Click & Collect and Click & Meet.

The implementation of the services usually refers to both indoor and outdoor areas. We offer you the right products to present yourself optimally from start to finish. In this way, you score points with your customers with professionalism and structure. Give your customers a feeling of security to strengthen their bond with your company.

In doing so, the handover of the goods ordered online will be hygienic and orderly. Clear signage and professional equipment save you time and also provide the necessary security. All in all, the well thought-out equipment of your "pick-up station" creates a consistent concept that leaves a positive impression on customers. With Click & Meet, the customer's desire for the next shopping experience is brought a little closer.

Discover our product selection for your Click & Collect or Click & Meet service. We are at your disposal at any time.

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