Our pallet covers are aids to design the appearance of your Point of Sales and to cover up unsightly pallets. Printed with your advertising slogan, the covers also become attractive advertising media.
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Attractive Presentation of Goods

Pallets are very popular logistical aids. They are not only used in a company's warehouse, but often also in the salesroom.

Especially with merchandise, it often makes sense to present the goods directly on a pallet. This can be done for logistical reasons as well as for time-saving reasons. If there is no space on the shelf, a pallet can quickly serve as an additional product display. This also avoids unnecessary storage work.

Euro Pallet Cladding

In the outdoor area of a DIY store or petrol station, the customer may be used to the pallet as a display for goods. But in a supermarket or electronics store, the robust exterior of the pallet can easily influence the shopping atmosphere.

However, a pleasant buying atmosphere and a display of goods on pallets can easily be reconciled. The storage aids can be quickly hidden under a cover or behind a sleeve. This way, even dirty or broken Euro pallets are no problem.

Covering your Pallets in the Outdoor Area

The aim of every business is to create a pleasant and attractive shopping atmosphere for its customers. In our online shop assortment you can discover many different possibilities. They serve to carefully cover pallets and to maintain a nice and clean atmosphere in the shop.

The presentation of merchandise takes place both indoors and outdoors. There are also weatherproof covers for pallets. For example, articles made of quintet sheet metal or plastic are suitable for outdoor use.

Camouflage of storage aids indoors

Our sleeves or covers made of polyester and corrugated cardboard are particularly suitable for indoor use. A band covers the side opening of the pallet. The top of the pallet can be stacked on the wooden slats as usual.

The covers also make the usually dirty or splintered surfaces of the pallets disappear. By accentuating the edges in the material of the cover, slipping is avoided.

Offering at optimal Height

It is no longer a secret that customers most often choose items at eye level. Pallets themselves have a very low height of 144 mm. Depending on how they are stacked, the goods may be in a very low pick-up zone.

Of course, you want to offer your goods at eye level if possible. For this reason, you should definitely take a look at our pallet frame.

The pallet rack is available in different heights. This way, you can always display goods of different sizes or different stacking heights in the optimal viewing zone. An attractive presentation table is created in no time at all.

Of course, you can also equip the pallet with a cover or a sleeve. With a waterproof cover, the table can also be used outside.

Product Printing

VKF Renzel offers exclusive printing on most of the products shown above. With advertising slogans or special printing, you can draw attention to special offers or advertising messages.

Create a unique shopping atmosphere by printing on pallet covers, sleeves and poster bands. And make the best possible use of existing advertising space.

We will be happy to provide you with detailed advice.
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