High-quality wall signs serve as information signs, signposts or door signs. You can equip the signs with various inserts. They can therefore be used flexibly. Equip your business premises with our signs and ensure a neat appearance for your company. Now select the wall sign in the desired material.
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More Orientation with Wall Signage

Good signage is the alpha and omega in all facilities. It saves enquiries, waiting times and misunderstandings. With the help of just a few wall signs, you can offer your visitors a high degree of orientation. This saves you time when your staff have to describe routes or record complaints.

For guests, customers or patients, it can quickly become frustrating to search around your shop without orientation. Maybe they miss the great panorama pool in the hotel complex or they can't find the right treatment room on time. In this case, it can lead to unpleasant delays in your daily work. In addition, door signs on the wall make it possible for customers to call you by name.

Well signposted all around, your facility will score points for orientation and order. Uniform signage takes away visitors' worries and helps them reach their destination quickly and easily. This begins with the signage at the entrance and exit. It continues with offices, information desks, restaurants and, last but not least, ends with the toilets.

customised dimensions possible

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Orientation for your Customers

make routes visible for customers

for Indoors and Outdoors

the right sign for your application

Ideal for your Inserts & easy to assemble

In our range, you will find shape-milled wooden signs, but also those for paper inserts. While the wooden signs provide long-term, decorative signage, the inserts of the other signs are easily replaceable. These are signs made of acrylic, aluminium or hard foam. You can simply slide or insert paper media in the respective format into these signs.

Thanks to the exchangeable inserts, you can use the signs for a long time and exchange information quickly and conveniently. All it takes is a few simple steps.

The signs protect your inserts from dirt and, depending on the product, from fading in the sun. In this way, your inserts remain usable over and over again, just like the signs. Attached to the wall at the optimum viewing height, your information is now presented in the best possible way.

Mounting is usually done with screws, either directly into the wall or with the help of dowels. This depends on the condition of your wall. The material for direct mounting is usually included in the delivery. So you can get started straight away and inform people with the help of the wall sign and insert.

Electronic Wall Signs: implement Digital Signage now

In addition to our decorative wall signs made of wood, aluminium or glass, we also offer digital wall signs. With digital signage, you can make changes within a very short time.

In addition, the door signs can be designed as you wish with the help of the easy-to-use software. Make the availability of the room or daily appointments conveniently visible on the door sign.

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Decorative Wooden Wall Signs

Wooden signs are particularly popular in the gastronomy and spa sectors. The natural signs score with their rustic charm. With an engraving, the wooden wall signs can be completely adapted to your business and your services. Would you like to have natural signs for your saunas, restaurant or outdoor area?

You can get the wooden sign for your wall in various standard motifs. Alternatively, other millings are also possible according to your wishes. For signs that are used outdoors, we provide a coating with protective UV varnish.
The decorative wall signs are perfect for creating a natural feel-good atmosphere in your rooms. Sustainable, resource-saving advertising with wooden signs is simply a visual eye-catcher. Use wooden wall signs for uniform signage with a rustic character. Get in touch to enquire about a special wooden sign.

Elegant Aluminium Signposts for Wall Mounting

In contrast to the rustic wooden signs, the aluminium wall signs score with an elegant design. The simple aluminium frame presents the inserts inside in a high-quality way. Here you have the choice between signs in portrait or landscape format and signs with or without curvature.

Among the classic aluminium signposts you will also find our hallway flag signs. These can also be equipped with an insert. In addition, they project into the hallway like a flag and are therefore recognisable from afar. In this way, you show visitors the way to your toilets, the office they are looking for or the examination room early on.

The light but stable aluminium wall signs are used in public facilities, hospitals or exhibitions. There, the signs provide a simple and uniform signage. At the same time, they offer the advantages of a highly visible, long-term usable and uniform signage. Choose between the different aluminium signposts from our online range.
Office wall signs with interchangeable inlay

Discover the right Wall Sign for your Business

Are you looking for wall signs that match the atmosphere in your business? We offer a wide range of different products in our assortment. These can be adapted exactly to your corporate design. This way, your company is presented in a uniform and easily identifiable way.

Choose a wooden sign with milling or classic models with paper inserts. Depending on the sign, you can use it indoors or outdoors for uniform signage in your company. Choose between hallway flag signs, information boards for the wall or a wall panel. We will also be happy to offer you a sign specially tailored to your needs.
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